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Caches No’s 2152 to 2168 – Creepy Night-time Caches

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Caches No’s 2152 to 2168 – Creepy Night-time Caches

At 7:00pm the night-time caches were released, it was a right scrum to get the handouts with the cache locations on and then the FTF chasers were racing off to find the caches. Adam, Bexi and myself waited a while before we went out, there didn’t seem to be a rush. Everyone had torches, a lot of them blindingly bright head torches… some people go out looking for caches at night all the time, but after three and a half years and 2150 odd finds this was only the second time I’ve ever gone out at night to find a cache and the first time I’ve ever gone out to find caches with a torch…. not that we needed torches, the one day off full moon moonlight was bright enough to see the path by. 

27th October 2012 – Read em and Reap GC3XN7T – cache #2152
The night-time caches were larger and more elaborate than the daytime ones and the flashing lights and cackling from the witch holding this cache led us straight to it from the path

27th October 2012 – Casper GC3XN7H – cache #2153
Another easy to find cache… even with the wrong co-ordinates (the cache couldn’t be sited where planned due to the ground being under water !)

27th October 2012 – Guardian of the Swamp GC3X7ZQ – cache #2154
This was one of the daytime caches that we hadn’t looked for earlier. At the cache there were about a dozen cachers struggling to find a foot long wasp hidden under a bridge
(okay it was dark, but we had plenty of torches !)

27th October 2012 – Marriage from Hell GC3X7ZP – cache #2155
Another of the daytime caches and another cache that was passed from hand to hand, I wonder if any of the last people to sign it knew where it should be hidden ?

27th October 2012 – Get out of Jail Free GC3XN7E – cache #2156
This was a feisty little fellow imploring all passers by the let him out of the cage, I am not sure all his language was suitable for before the watershed

27th October 2012 – The Mad Axeman GC3XN79 – cache #2157
We made a right meal of finding this cache, which was hidden in plain sight after all – I think it was just too near the path for us to find

27th October 2012 – Simon’s Trail: Leaving Civilisation GC3R0D6 – cache #2158
This cache was not one of the caches that was put out for the HH&CC event, but was the first of a series that led from the Lakes and had been in place for several months, but I bet this cache has never had so many visitors in one day before

27th October 2012 – Head over Heels GC3XN6X – cache #2159
It was really quite atmoshperic looking around in the darkness and seeing twinkling torchlight of cachers all around the park

27th October 2012 – Sacraficial Stone GC3XMBV – cache #2160
This cache was not exactly hidden, a life size vampire laid on the ground in the bushes

27th October 2012 – The Dark Ages – Heritage Trail Pt2 GC3XM5M – cache #2161
This was one of two multi-caches put out on the day and okay I’ll admit it, we didn’t find any of the clues… we didn’t even look for them… as we were passing we came across a group of cachers heading purposefully into the trees and so followed them to sign the cache !

27th October 2012 – Malificent’s Mum GC3XMBM – cache #2162
It got a bit crowded under the trees at this cache… in danger of getting my eyes poked out as I tried to get out of the undergrowth

27th October 2012 – For Whom the Bell Tolls GC3XMB6 – cache #2163
We were looking for a bell hanging in the trees and so it took a few minutes to find the cache…

27th October 2012 – OW, OW, OW, OWLLLLLLL! GC3XMA2 – cache #2164
The debate of werewolf vs owl was solved whan we got to the cache

27th October 2012 – Where? GC3XM8T – cache #2165
I was walking round with Bexi and Adam and I think we definitely benefited from there not being anyone else around as we approached this cache… a full size coffin lying in the woods…  I unclipped the lid and stood back
as I opened it not knowing what I might find inside !
Easily the biggest cache container I have ever seen,

27th October 2012 – Quit Bugging Me! GC3XMAE – cache #2166
We were beginning to get tired and hungry by the time we got round to here… but there weren’t many more to go

27th October 2012 – House of the Living Dead GC382F4 – cache #2167
A bit muddy getting from the path to the hut… many feet had tramped across that short piece of ground before us !

27th October 2012 – Rivers of Blood for HH&CC GC3EYYV – cache #2168
The organisers had set an Earthcache for the event (it’s a thing that organisers do, try to set as many different types of caches that they can) The cache was set at a bridge over the river and the questions were to do with the water flow. 1. Which river bank directly in front of you is showing signs of erosion and explain why?… 2. Is the water flow faster on the inside or outside of the bend and explain why?… 3. Look at the river bed from either side of the bridge – What signs of erosion and particle drift can be clearly seen?

As usual I didn’t answer the questions in a sensible fashion, I wrote
” Maybe I should have done the Earthcache before darkness fell…. but my answers are as follows
1 From where I stood I could definitely see that the light side was being eroded by the forces of darkness
2 The flow is faster on the left side as The Left Hand Path is obviously the best way forward
3 I’m pretty sure I saw particles of things like Eye of Newt and Wing of Bat drift by as I stood on the bridge, and the croaking of the toad was a definite sign of spooky things going on around

We finished the caches and left at about 10:30. The organisers then had to go around all the caches and replace the Halloween themed hides with normal cache boxes.

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