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Caches No’s 1678 to 1687 – Wall Walk

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Caches No’s 1678 to 1687 – Wall Walk

Another Saturday evening and time to go and find some more caches, this time a series that was set out locally over a few weeks, so although some of the caches have been available for a month or more, some of them were just published a day or two before I went to find them. The series is a roughly circular walk, but because of the other caches in the area that I also had to find I did the walk almost in reverse order as it seemed more logical to me (okay basically the ‘correct’ way round would have involved walking up the steepest path, whereas my way made that a downhill section !)

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #1 GC3J5A1 – cache #1678
The series is called the Wall Walk because the caches are set in a private estate of large houses and the footpaths have walls either side to keep you from seeing into these mansions. Some people do a lot of these caches as drive by’s but these roads are really private and there is nowhere to park on them, so I decided to park outside the area and walk.
The first cache was easy enough to find tucked behind the wall

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #8 GC3J5KM – cache #1679
This was probably my favourite cache of the evening, there is a tree with a large low branch, whch is cut off flat where it overhangs the barbed wire fence into the farmers field, the centre of the branch has rotted awa a little leaving just a nice 35mm film tub sized hole… just right for a cache

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #7 GC3J5JM – cache #1680
I’d been following a track down along the side of the field, which on the map carried on to the cache, but in reality was just an overgrown and impenetrable wilderness between two walls. This meant a detour across a field until there was a footpath crossing the ‘track’ and a cache in a treestump near this crossing.

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #5 GC3J5G4 – cache #1681
I had originally planned to walk along to #6 and then come back to this one – doing the walk in reverse, but #6 is stuck out by itself a bit and it came to me that it was probably easier getting this one first… so I had to retrace my steps a little, nip down the path to this cache then back up where I had come from and on to #6

12th May 2012 – Creepy Trees 4 GC3EQ6R – cache #1682
On to #6 stopping at this cache on the way… hidden in the roots of a tree, didn’t see what was so creepy about the tree myself !

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #6 GC3J5HV – cache #1683
The cache that makes this walk not circular, as it is stuck out on a leg by itself on a path up the fields – but the path is bounded by two walls so it is still in the Wall Walk. I wasn’t expecting the cache to be so far up this path, as there were several suitable hiding places nearer the bottom, including a nice metal girder in the wall where a drinking trough presumably used to be, a good site for a magnetic cache – instead the cache was in a tree stump

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #4 GC3J5F2 – cache #1684
Number 6 was the highest cache in terms of the hillside the estate is on, number 4 is the lowest as it’s by the river, so it was all downhill between the two. GPS signal problems caused me a little difficulty finding this cache hidden in a tree as I couldn’t identify the correct tree so had to try a few before getting the right one

12th May 2012 – One Degree of Separation-Woodlands GC1GEK3 – cache #1685
I had been into this estate caching before and failed to find this cache as it had been too late in the day and too gloomy to see. This time it was still light enough for me to be able to locate the correct hole in the wall for the cache

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #3 GC3J5DQ – cache #1686
An easy find – the hint says to look for the mill stone in the wall – there’s only one mill stone so it’s an easy find

12th May 2012 – Wall Walk #2 GC3J5CG – cache #1687
The last cache of the evening, on a path bordered by very high walls so there was no accurate GPS signal, the hint said the cache was under some stones in the bushes… so I just looked under every stone until I found the right one.

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