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Caches No’s 918 to 922 – Halloween Trick or Treat

Submitted by on Thursday, 11 November 2010No Comment
Caches No’s 918 to 922 – Halloween Trick or Treat

31st October 2010 – Trick or Treat, Is anyone there? GC2H951 – cache #918
Halloween… 10:30… the silence of the woods disturbed by the sound of shouts and muffled screams echoing from down in the valley…
But as it was 10:30 am there was no spookiness apparent, the shouts and screams were just the sound of the crowd at the rugby match going on down at the club by the river.
I actually didn’t use my GPS for this cache, cos I didn’t turn it on until I had gotten out of the car and it was struggling to lock onto the satellites under the trees, so as I had read the hint I knew what I was looking for and came across the GZ before the GPS got a clear signal

31st October 2010 – Trick or Treat, Who’s That! GC2H95R – cache #919
I had to go a little off the trail to find this cache, so it was a good job the GPS had locked onto the signal when I went through a bit of a clearing in the woods

31st October 2010 – Monastery Marvel GCW0YZ – cache #920
When I came in June I couldn’t find the first part of this multi-cache – cos I had just co-ordinates and hint (base of a trtee) and not the cache description which implies that the cache is the opposite side of the road to where you park.
As I was in the area I decided to have another go. I still had problems as the co-ordinates are a little vague with the tree cover. and Memory map has the co-ordinates right in the middle of the road, but I searched all the trees on the proper side of the road and eventually turned up the micro (my GPS said I was 57 feet away when I found it !)

The final part of the cache I didn’t like really, it is hidden in the Stations Of The Cross devotional area of a Catholic retreat. I felt like an intruder disturbing the sanctity of the place. The large closed gate at the entrance to me implies keep out unless you have serious business beyond, and compared to the faith, devotion and spiritual meaning some people invest in the place, going in to find a geocache seems pretty trivial. I would have preferred a sign welcoming me in or at least saying the place isn’t private – as it certainly isn’t really a public place so I’d like an invitation to come in
Fortunately the cache was straightforward to find and I could get out quickly

(The above is basically the log I originally put onto the cache, which was deleted by the cache owner for being a “vicious criticism” of his cache placement – I would have ignored it but the deletion messed up the statistics on Geocaching so I put a bland log in its place – But I stand by what I originally wrote)

31st October 2010 – Trick or Treat, Its the Ogre. Look out! GC2H96H – cache #921
Walking back to my car I came to the last cache of the series, hidden under a little bridge over a stream, and trying to twist under the bridge to reach the cache my foot did slip off the stone I was standing on and ended up in the stream, fortunately my boots are waterproof enough not to let too much water in !

31st October 2010 – Flying Trout GC2HF79 – cache #922
I got home at Lunchtime, only to find that a new cache had appeared just half a mile from home, in a spot that previously held the first cache I tried to find, and the second cache I did find (White Bridge GC1RZAB).
So after I’d had my lunch I went down to find it, it took a while as it’s a spot that has poor GPS reception due to the trees, so I had to basically just use the GPS to get to the general area and then to search the places that matched to hint until I found it, but as either side of the path for the entire length of the bridge could match the hint it took a careful search until I found it.

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