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Caches No’s 905 to 917 – Bradford Afternoon

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Caches No’s 905 to 917 – Bradford Afternoon

Saturday afternoon and I had some shopping that I needed to do, and I fancied doing a bit of caching, so I headed off to Bradford to do a bit of both. First though I had to get to Bradford, and that takes me down Canal Road, alongside the route of the old branch of the Leeds Liverpool canal that went from Shipley to the City centre, and someone had put in a series of caches along the route a couple of weeks earlier

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 1 – Junction Bridge GC2H9E2 – cache #905
The first cache on the route is where the canal branches in Shipley, there’s a bridge over to the towpath of the branch and a bit of steel fence alongside it with a cache hidden behind it

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 2 – Briggate Bridge GC2H9H7 – cache #906
A bridge shared between the canal and railway, so it is a standard pattern railway bridge, hidden in a hole at the end is a magnetic cache, hidden not only by the darkness but by several spiders webs !

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 3 – Poplar Rd Bridge GC2H9J8 – cache #907
I could see this cache as I parked my car several yards away, it’s magnetic and stuck under the bottom rail of the barrier that extends the bridge wall, you’re unlikely to see it or take any notice of it if you do unless you are looking for it, but it is easy to find

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 4 – Gaisby Ln Bridge GC2H9K4 – cache #908
This one is magnetic as most of the rest of them in this series are, and this time is stuck to the outside of the high walls of the bridge, if you were a short person you would have trouble finding the cache as you wouldn’t be able to see over the top to find it

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 5 – Stanley Rd Bridge GC2H9M0 – cache #909
Another bridge, this time bricked up and a metal fence across the opening to keep people out except it doesn’t cos it’s been broken open and is obviously used by the local youths as a hangout if nothing worse, lots of beer cans and broken bottles about, it’s a struggle to even get down to the cache from the road cos it’s steep, slippery and litter strewn. The cache is magnetic and stuck onto the fence

30th October 2010 – Bradford flyover GC2FD65 – cache #910
As there was a football match being played at Valley Parade I had to leave No 6 until later as there were dozens of football fans around and certainly nowhere to park a car at the side of the road, so I carried on into Bradford and parked in the retail park car park so I could walk round the centre. But first on the footpath under the bridge between the two parts of the car park is this cache, painted black and magnetically secured on the back of a black electricity box, and it’s a very unusual container – a Kinder Egg cache box

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 7 – Forster Sq GC2HG69 – cache #911
The end of the canal was where the Royal Mail sorting office is now, outside the sorting office is a galvanised steel electricity box with a well disguised cache on the back of it, the only problem I had were the people in the smoking area outside the sorting office who were watching the people go past, and so watching me

30th October 2010 – Bradford city of film GC2FHKJ – cache #912
In a little car park at the side of the cinema, stuck on the back of a lamppost in the bushes is a magnetic 35mm film container, fortunately Saturday afternoon was not a busy time in the car park so I could get to it easily

30th October 2010 – Bradford Croft Street GC2FHM1 – cache #913
Magnetic 35mm film pot stuck on the back of an armco barrier, I sat on the barrier to sign the log and there were many cars waiting at the lights who could see me, but none of them would have known what I was doing

30th October 2010 – Barrier Cache GC4CGGE – cache #914
A cache I had looked for once before but not found this time was easily spotted as it is getting a bit worn and loose. It’s hidden inside a barrier across a car park, the end cap of the barrier comes off with the cache attached, it wasn’t pushed quite fully in so I spotted it easily. On a Saturday afternoon there were loads of people about (the car park is used as the smoking area for the bookies shop that backs onto it) so I grabbed the cache and took it away to sign the log, then returned with it later for a quick replacing

30th October 2010 – Piccadilly GC1X5FO – cache #915
Another magnetic cache, this time stuck under a pay and display machine. There was a woman sat in a car next to it so I had to grab it and take it away to sing then walk round the block to come back to the machine and stick it back in place

30th October 2010 – The Power of City Hall GC1ZHW9 – cache #916
In a little alcove around the side of the City Hall entrance is a large Electricity switching box sort of 8ft square and 2ft deep. On the back of this is a little magnetic nano. Fortunately by now it was gone 5:30 so hardly anyone about

30th October 2010 – Bradford Canal No 6 – Queens Rd Bridge GC2H9ND – cache #917
On my way home I stopped to get the cache that I had had to miss out on the way in, another magnetic cache hidden on a gate

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