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Caches No. 91 to 104 – A Busy Weekend, Day 1

Submitted by on Saturday, 5 September 2009No Comment
Caches No. 91 to 104 – A Busy Weekend, Day 1
I didn’t really plan for this weekend to be such a marathon caching session, I needed to go shopping to get some clothes and stuff for my holiday and all the caches were on my route to the shops, or at the shops, or on the route between shops (okay I went the long way round !), or on the way home from the shops… It did take about 7 hours each day to do the shopping !
September 5th 2009 – Danefield Dash  GC1NGF8 – Cache#91
This was a puzzle cache that I had solved the clues for a few weeks before, but failed on that attempt to find the cache, for some reason going away and coming back to the exact place I was before led me straight to it 
September 5th 2009 – Dobson Locks  GCHQR1 – Cache#92
There’s something very appealing about canals to me.. I think it’s the size of the engineering effort that went into making them, and the fact that they are of an age where they are made out of stone and wood not concrete and steel. Easy cache to find as it was hidden

 just like the Canal Capers#2 – 50/50 I’d done the week before.

dobsons locks

Dobson Locks

September 5th 2009 – Off Yer Trolley! (Greengates)  GC1DXPV – Cache#93
An easy find even in a busy supermarket car park on a Saturday morning.
I did look for another cache near here GC19HDK – Hidden In Greengates, and failed to find it, but the cache owner has since confirmed that it has disappeared
September 5th 2009 – Norman’s Cache  GC1D2BG – Cache#94
This one is on a residential street… and would have been much easier without the two chaps stood talking outside the house opposite it, I had to walk around for about 10 minutes until they had gone – Guess what… it’s a film cannister  under a tree hidden by a rock
September 5th 2009 – The Blue Lagoon  GCYFWB – Cache#95
I was expecting this cache to be rather nearer the pond than it was, park car, walk to pond find you are still 500ft away !
At this cache I collected the Travel Bug – TB2RQ2D – Blue Fish
September 5th 2009 – Liam & Ollies Lolly  GC1GXZZ – Cache#96
This was 200 yards down a track, I had forgotten to pick up my GPS from the car seat when I parked so didn’t have an exact location point for it… but somehow the place the cache was hidden was just obvious (under a rock under a bush) I must be getting good at spotting likely cache hiding places
September 5th 2009 – Liam & Ollies lolly two!  GC1HR4R – Cache#97
As the other one in this series, there was no doubt as to where the cache was from quite a way away… Not that it was badly hidden, it is just that there was only one place it was likely to be
September 5th 2009 – First Of Many  GC1T3AZ – Cache#98
WHen the clue says that the cache is hidden under a rock at the base of a post you think it’s going to be straightforward to find… but then there are 5 posts… 3rd time lucky for me !
September 5th 2009 – Off Yer Trolley! (Pudsey)  GC1B9Y5 – Cache#99
Hidden in the recycling area of a Superstore… a recycling area that has it’s own attendant who is noted for being quite nosy and watches people carefully to make sure they put the right things in the right place and are not up to anything amiss… As it was lunchtime he was in his shelter eating a sandwich so I could sneak in and grab the cache easy
September 5th 2009 – Hanging Tough: Hanging out with Holly   GC1KNDJ – Cache#100
Cache Number One Hundred 🙂
September 5th 2009 – Hanging Tough: Swain’s View  GC1K8R9 – Cache#101
Not seen these little metal cache tubes before today (see headline photograph) 
September 5th 2009 – All About The Cache – Little Treasures (replaced)  GC1T0QR – Cache#102
An easy find… in the roots of a tree… hidden by a rock
September 5th 2009 – Off Yer Trolley! (Horsforth)  GC1B6F7 – Cache#103
Hang about the entrance to a supermarket long enough, and you’ll find the cache… and get strange looks from the women waiting at the bus stop ! 
September 5th 2009 – The Old Ball  GC1MER5 – Cache#104
Even the council CCTV man was watching me do this one… the camera panned round to watch me while I was signing the log

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