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From Tea Shoppe to Shrubbery
Thursday, 15 Oct, 2009 – 22:08 | One Comment
From Tea Shoppe to Shrubbery

So, one weekend in 1993 we found ourselves on top of the Malvern Hills. We had been brought there by Polska Paul, who was obviously of Polish descent, but came from Malvern and so took …

Bin Liners For Sale
Wednesday, 14 Oct, 2009 – 20:56 | One Comment
Bin Liners For Sale

I can’t actually remember where the bin liner fashion first came from, but there was a time where Bin Liners were worn a lot. The picture here was taken at a party at Wendy-woo’s house …

Multi-person Git Hats-R-Us
Friday, 28 Aug, 2009 – 22:50 | No Comment
Multi-person Git Hats-R-Us

The Git Hat… Started life September 24th 1988. We had been taking part in the War of The Roses Competition, the War of The Roses being an ‘It’s A Knockout’ type competition between the Yorkshire …